Friday, 13 April 2012

Because I grow up

Assalamualaikum dearest,

Tonight I feel like to talk about love. All of us know what is love, but do you really know the true meaning of love ? Before met with encikYb, I used to be in love with 2,3 guys. I admit that he's not the one for me but I am praying to Allah may he is the last for me. I've seen lot of friends, cousins are suffering from love at the young age. I mean they are younger than me but they had experienced putus cinta faster than mine. It's awkward actually to write this as I think I'm not the right one. But I feel like I have to write this, or give them some advice. 

Sayang, love is not the main issue when you're still fighting for your future. Ye ye, I know it's hard to let go someone who used to be in your heart and your life for about 4,5 months. But you don't have any other option right ? Either you want or not, you still have to forget him. You must be wondering why Allah let this happened to me, why I'm the one who need to suffer. Kannn. I used to ask Allah all these silly question, and He didn't give me any answers for that. But as time goes by, I started to realize and get the answers for my last 5,6 years questions. 

Sayang, trust me. Everything happened for a reason. Tak ada nya Allah saja saja jadi kan semua benda tu. Today you break up with this boy, later you'll find the right man for you. Today you cried a lot because of this boy, later you'll laugh a lot because of the right man. You can see the differentiation right. I used to cry because of boys, I used lost my appetite because of of boys, I used to lost my focus in study because of of boys, I used to lost my weight because of of boys, I used to have a cold relationship with my family because of boys. If to be remember what I've done, it is uncountable my mistakes to family and friends. 

As I grow up, I don't see any point why I need to be in love if I'm the only one who get hurt at last. I love my single life, I love to be surrounded by my lovely families and dearest friends. They are my true love. They give me non-stop supporting, they hug me when I need to, they lend me their ears and shoulders when I'm down. 

Sayang, as a kakak it's my turn to give you my words. Just forget it how much mistakes I've done I'm just trying to be the better me. Bercinta is good as long as it didn't give effects to your daily life, but the thing you have to remember is bercinta lah berpada pada. It is useless to give your 100% focus and love to them, as you don't know who is going to be your husband or soulmate. Sometimes, you two have been tied in quite long bonding but in the end, he left you with no reasons. Or maybe you are going to meet somebody else in the future and see he is not the right for you. 

You are young, you have good mind, good memories, good future. And why you waste your time with useless things. Please sisters, be strong. Crying is good, but it won't change anything. Sayang, world is big. Trust me, it's really big and you don't know where you are in the future. Go and dig your dreams, make it true. It's much better than chasing boys. 

You can't keep chasing someone who clearly doesn't want to be in your life anymore, let them go and you'll thank yourself one day.

*now I thank myself :') Good night and thanks for reading.


  1. and i thank you , kakak for sharing your own experience here . :D . Wishing i could be just like you in the future *nak trendy macam akak jugak semestinya *wink3

    1. Haha. I am always praying for your happiness awim. Ohmai. Takde trendy sangat pun. hehe.

  2. nice lah fie. we never know what would happen in the future. tu sbb org tua salu pesan, kalo nk bercinta tu berpada pada. jodoh ni rahsia Allah, mungkin apa yg kita rasa yg terbaik utk kita tu sbnya bkn milik kita pn lagi. kena bny berdoa pada Allah. dan bersabarlah..jgn trus pk nk lompat KB mall je..huhu..anyhoo, hope mr Yb is the one and only for u my dear =]

    1. Yes indah. Tulah kalau dulu dulu bercinta memang bercinta sakan, kalau sekarang takpe la. Kalau ada jodoh, sure akan kahwin. Bukan tak nak fikir for the best for our future, tp kalau terlalu banyak merancang takut plak frust menonggeng. Haha. Encikyb will be always my only one. I'allah :)

    2. btol2..indah pn pk cmtu je skrg, xde la nk kata briya sgt tp ckuplah dgn ada someone by our side and hopefully kita mmg jodoh org tu lah kan. indah mmg stuju lah pe yg fie ckp tu n mmg itu yg in my mind right now smpai mmbr2 indah ckp indah ni terlalu positip plak..hehe. ha nnt nk kenduri2 tu, roger2 lah indah eh? hehe..would love to meet u one day fie =]

    3. Indah kalau nak datang kelantan roger roger la. Nak sangat jumpa. hehe. I'allah kalau jodoh sampai ke jinjang pelamin, Indah pun dapat kad. hewhew*gedik.


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