Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The four months routine

You know what I really miss the old me, I am spiritual person with full of passion in everything I did. Tapi sekarang nak cari ciri ciri tu ibarat jauh panggang dari api. Really, I don't know what had happened to me, I've lost my interest in all things which I ever feel interesting. I love cooking and baking cakes. It's one of my passions, but currently I can't find the perfect time to do those things. Whoaaaa, please I need some therapy. 

The one and only passion yang masih tak hilang adalah shopping. Somehow shopping is the best therapy, although it just window shopping. How great it is to look at the beautiful outfit, nice jeans, adorable accessories, unique yet affordable scarves. Kira nya bila dah tengok semua benda cantik tu, stress and tension seharian aku akan hilang. Okay that's really Fifie, the next shopaholic girl. 

I'm working (intern) during the day and night I will only sleep after 3am *aku susah nak tidur atau pun dipanggil insomnia. I wake up at 7am get ready to work and start my day at 8am, I have to follow the office hours jadi balik pukul 5. Get a rest a while and start to do my thesis, check email, log in to facebook*hello I pun perlu enjoy. Lepas tu makan makan, iron baju untuk esok and get to sleep. That is my routine for almost 4months, and seriously I still can't adapt with this situation*sigh. 

Ya allah, the only thing that I pray is let time flies very fast. Yes maksud saya dengan pantas, terlampau pantas. Let this suffers end quickly, I'm no longer inspired and I'm no longer can bear with it. I want my enjoyable life back, I want my passions back, I want the spirit of doing something I used to have. Fuhhh, lepas sikit tension.

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  1. felt the same thing for the past few weeks.it's a horrible feeling fie! mmg phm sgt lah kalo fie pn rs cm xde life. sabar lah eh? sikit je lagi tu. in the mean time, try to do things dat makes u hepi. tp ni nshat takleh pkai utk shopaholic, haha. sbb indah pn sm! whatever it is, try to hold on okeyh? =]


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