Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Business and me

First of all I think I should congrats myself. Why ? Because of it has been four days and my passion in business is still on and i'm getting eager on doing business. Selalunya nafsu aku untuk berbisnes nie akan bertahan for only 2 days yes that was the longest. Hahaha. 

Actually I was thinking to open my own shopping online but because of some obstacles that I had to face like got no suppliers, don't know where to start and don't know what is people most like in fashion. After doing some research, ala through my friends je pun. I ask them what they like most in fashion, what is the most trendy clocth. Hasilnya boleh la tolong aku untuk memulakan perniagaan nie since dan nampak jalan kan. Then, right after finished my last paper for the last semester I started to contact all my suppliers and they were agreed with me. Thanks to them :)

Oh ye for your information I am doing my online business through my facebook account only, just for the beginning nanti bila dah ramai tahu pasal my business nie aku buat la account facebook khas untuk bisnes nie. Lupa plak, asyik sangat bercerita sampai kan lupa nak share what is my business activity. I am selling tops, pants and flat shoes. 

Semua cantik cantik dan berkualiti. It is guaranteed okay. I know because of I had some of the tops and pants which I sell. Biasa la, nak jual dekat orang kan for sure la I need to try it first. How's its quality, comfort ke tak pakai, dapat pujian dari kengkawan ke tak. Dan hasil nya kebanyakan member aku suka dengan pilihan baju baju dan seluar aku. Well bukan nak angkat diri yang aku nie pandai memilih pakaian tapi disebabkan aku nie jenis minat gila dengan fesyen dan seni then I know what is good and what is bad. Erk. 

In my opinion, mahal sikit takpe asalkan berbaloi. I mean berbaloi in term of we can wear it in many times and  it is not out of date kan. Tak guna kalau beli baju murah murah tapi bila pakai dua tiga kali dah nampak lusuh lepas tu turun warna. Tak cun la macam tu kan.

Eh cakap banyak tak guna kan, sila lah kalau berminat add me on my facebook here and please introduce yourself where you know about me in case of between you and me takde mutual friends. Susah la. I jenis tak approve people yang I tak kenal. Biasa la bajet artis. Hahaha. Jadi cepat cepat grab some lovely items there, it's price is cheap and have a great qualities. It is limited, I only order it for 2-3 pieces in one item. Nanti kalau sama dengan orang tak syok kan. 

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