Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Maybe today is my lucky day

Haip, lama betul dah tak tekan papan kekunci di komputer riba milik aku nie. Banyak benda nak shares disini, tapi masa menjadi kekangan. Aku sekarang tengah bertarung hebat dengan final examination tu yang tak sempat nak update tambah tambah aku jenis yang mempunyai tahap kemalasan tertinggi. Grrrrrr.

Eh do you still remember the contest by Photo Plays team that I joined. O emmm jayy I got the second place, seriously I was never expecting that I could win in this contest since I need to compete with lots of beautiful woman which already have the experiences in modelling and also they got a lot of supporters. Unlike mine. So when I was annouced to be the second runner up, I was like. Eh betul ke aku ? Tak percaya langsung and jujur nya aku dah lupa pasal contest tu since aku busy dengan final. Tak sempat fikiran nak melayang ke lain. Anyway Alhamdulilah and thank you for Photo Plays for selecting me.

Till then, goodbye readers. need to off9 and go to study. Another two papers are waiting for me. :')

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