Thursday, 26 January 2012

Get high with heels

Who don't love heels ? I bet most of girls love high heels whether love to wear it or love to see it.I can be both. Best kan when we go to shopping masuk kedai kasut and see those heels which displayed there. Sangat cantik dan anggun. Ohmaii, feels like I want to buy all of them. Tapi bila tengok dompet, lupakan jelah niat engkau tu fifie.

After doing some reading and research through google-ing, I found lots of advantages of wearing high heels. Like you will look tall, it will give you stylish look, you will have good body posture, and also heels is a complementary with your outfits. Ayah always say to me you don't look good when you're wearing heels because you are already tall. Yes yes, I know but it's not a fault kan for me to put some inch to my heights. Heee. Dia akan bagi efek kurus disitu since I gain some weight lately. 

After wearing heels women get a feeling of having a good posture. Heels help to bring out and attractive body posture. It also adds to the confidence of the women while carrying her self. The exception to this is the woman who rarely wears heels. Some women may fall in embarrassment if they wear very high heels for the first time. If you buy a pair of high heel sandals do practice walking at home with them. This will help you to avoid possible awkwardness when you actually go out. 

Done reading the explanation ? Kalau sudah apa yang ditunggu lagi, jom ramai ramai serbu kedai kasut and get yourself one pair.

Both of them are really really super awesome gorgeous and I promised to myself this will be mine sooner or later !


  1. yg 2nd tu dah lamaaaaa teringin! tapi cm tinggi gle jer.

  2. Fie pun dah berkenan lama. Tapi jumpa semua 12inch. Tinggi sangat, takut terpelecok je bila berjalan. Haha.


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